If you plan to fit a new carpet in your home or office, you must consider buying and fitting the carpet in your space. However, you can fit the carpet independently if you are expert enough to do it flawlessly. Otherwise, we advise hiring professional carpet fitters to avoid hassle and make your space perfect. 

Charges for carpet depend on:

Getting Started with Carpet Fitting

  • The size of the room
  • Services it requires
  • Size of carpet
  • Location of your room
  • Underlay (if needed)

At Mr. Carpets and Flooring, we have a wide range of carpets for every home and space. Whether you will fit the carpet or hire a professional, narrow your options by calculating the overall cost. Then match the price with your budget, and you are good to go. 

Cost of Carpet Fitting 

Now, let’s jump into the main point of this blog, carpet fitting cost. The cost of carpet fitting depends on the complexity and time of the job but gets prepared to pay £64 for a small room with 3×4 meters measurements. A small square room is more accessible to fit the carpet than a big room with complex and rounded corners or walls. A room with 4×4 meters measurements will cost you approximately £85 and a 5×4 meters large room will cost you approximately £107. Prices vary according to the service you require. However, stairs are difficult to cover with carpet, require more time and energy, and ultimately will be pricey. 

A carpet fitter can charge extra if there is any furniture to move. This additional cost may be a little, but a little effort can save you money. You can also ask the carpet fitter to buy a carpet according to your choice and requirement. It will help you to keep your carpet buying cost as carpet fitters buy rugs at trade prices. 

carpet fitting

Replacement of an Old Carpet

If you are planning to replace your old carpet with a new one, you will need to consider other things also. Talk to your professional carpet fitters first; they will give you the cost of all tasks. Removing the old carpet and fitting a new one. The cost of uplifting and eliminating the old rug and underlay depends on how old the carpet needs to be removed and how difficult it is to remove. 

Importance of Carpet Underlay

Let’s find out the importance of underlay. 

The underlay of a carpet is a layer of foam or synthetic material to provide softness and a luxurious effect to the carpet. It also works to increase the durability of a carpet. It is essential to lay another layer under the rug, but it is unnecessary. It depends on the choice and budget of the buyer whether they want to buy carpet underlay or not.

Adding some extra layer of comfort under your foot,

  • Regulates the room’s insulation 
  • Reduces noise effect from stompy feet
  • Adds durability to carpet 
  • Act as a shock absorber

If there is any uneven space on the floor, a thick underlay will cover it smoothly by creating a level surface. Carpet underlay cost also depends on the thickness and quality of the underlay. 

These minor extra things add up to additional costs for the carpet. Carpet fitting is not only fitting a carpet on the floor. It is about creating a valuable feel for your space, whether your office or home. Your room can be turned into a luxurious one with a good carpet fitting.