Are you tired of the dull look of your laminate flooring and craving the cozy warmth of a fluffy carpet under your feet? Guess what? We have some cool ideas for laying a carpet over your laminated flooring and giving your space a whole new vibe. 

It is a popular and affordable option to update your home’s flooring. Laminate flooring is durable and easy to install. Also, its wide range of designs makes it a preferred choice for most homemakers. However, do you have laminating flooring and want to change things by adding a carpet? The answer is yes! But we do not recommend lay laminate flooring over the carpet. Laminate flooring requires a firm and level surface for proper installation. Installing it over the carpet would compromise its stability and performance.

This blog will delve into laying a carpet over laminate flooring and provide valuable tips to simplify the process. 

What is Laminate Flooring, and How to Fit Laminate a Flooring?

Firstly, we must understand some basics about lay laminate flooring and how to fit laminate flooring in your space. It is popular flooring that replicates hardwood look, stone, or tile at an affordable price. 

Multiple layers are included in the process of laminate floorings, such as a High-Density Fiberboard or HDF core, durable wear layer, and the uppermost decorative layer replicating the natural material. You can also install laminate flooring over existing vinyl flooring or hardwood floors. However, ensure the hardwood floor is in good condition, level, and free from moisture or damage.

The lay laminate flooring process is simple with the preparation and proper tools. Here is a quick overview of how to fit a laminate flooring

  • Prepare the subfloor
  • Acclimate the laminate
  • Lay underlayment
  • Plan the layout
  • Install the first row
  • Continue with subsequent rows
  • Cut and trim
  • Install transition moldings
  • Finish with baseboards

Laminate flooring is installed over a thin foam underlayment, allowing them to “float” on top of the existing floor. This design element makes it feasible to lay carpet over laminate flooring without removing the laminate wholly.

Laminate Flooring

Tips While Laying Carpet Over Laminate Flooring:

Before laying a carpet over laminate flooring, you must consider some factors to avoid any hassle. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when laying carpet over laminate flooring:

  • Prepare the Floor – It is crucial to prepare the laminate flooring properly before laying the carpet. Ensure the laminate surface is leveled, clean, and free from rubble. Vacuum or sweep the floor thoroughly and remove the dust. If there is any damaged area, inspect it and protrude the edges that you need to repair before carpet installation. 
  • Carpet Padding Installation – Carpet padding or carpet underlay is necessary before laying a carpet. It provides insulation, soundproofing, and cushioning. Ensure you have chosen carpet padding suitable for your carpet with a perfect level of comfort. Install the padding or underlay directly over the laminated floor and ensure it is evenly spread across the entire surface. 
  • Selections of Right Carpet – Consider the material, thickness, and design that suit your space perfectly before selecting the carpet. Choosing a carpet with a lower pile height is advisable. It will make the sight easier without creating a noticeable height difference. However, a wisely chosen carpet will complement the aesthetic of your space. 
  • Carpet Tucking and Transition Strips – To create a flawless transition between laminate flooring and carpeting, use transition strips. These strips are available in different materials and designs. These strips are installed where two types of flooring meet. They also provide a finished and clean look and prevent the carpet from fraying or unraveling over time. Use a knee kicker or carpet tucker to secure the carpet edges properly under the transition strip. 
  • Hire a Professional – Laying a carpet can be a DIY project. However, it is always recommended to hire professionals to ensure a smooth process. Professional carpet layers are experienced and have all the tools and techniques to install the carpet flawlessly. They can also guide you in choosing the right carpet and can also address potential challenges that may occur during carpet installation. 


Laminated flooring is a good option when it comes to durability and affordability. But having the same floor for a longer time makes the eye tired and feels bored. Laying a carpet over laminate flooring is a feasible option to modernize the feel and look of your space. Following the mentioned tips and considering professional assistance can achieve a flawless and appealing transition. Prepare the laminate flooring effectively, choose the perfect carpet and underlay options, use transition strips, and tuck the edges finely. These guidelines will transform your space with confidence and have the benefits of laminate and carpet flooring in your home.