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carpet fitters

How much do carpet fitters charge? 

If you plan to fit a new carpet in your home or office, you must consider buying and fitting the carpet in your space. However, you can fit the carpet independently if you are expert enough to do it flawlessly. Otherwise, we advise hiring professional carpet fitters to avoid hassle and make your space perfect.  […]

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Egyptian cotton paint

What Colour Carpet Goes With Egyptian Cotton Walls?

Bored of old carpets and color schemes? Let’s talk about some carpet color suggestions suitable for Egyptian cotton paint. The first part of the renovation process is to paint the wall according to the color scheme. Walls create bare foundations and support your furniture.  Moving to the next step. Choose your flooring and carpet; this […]

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best carpet underlay

What is the best underlayment for carpets?

Underlay is the layer of foam or any other material, used to increase the performance of the carpet or to make the carpet more comfortable. The best carpet underlay is the one that improves the home’s comfort and safety while also protecting the carpet from wear and tear. The comfort, thermal performance, and soundproofing of […]

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green living room

What colour carpet goes with the green living room?

Carpets play a crucial role in enhancing a house’s overall ambience and comfort. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, carpets provide numerous practical benefits that make them an important addition to any home. They create a warm and cosy atmosphere, making the green living room feel inviting and comfortable. Carpets also act as insulation, providing an extra […]

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